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Thanks to everyone who came out to our plant sale, your support helps us with the costs of running advice clinics, presentations and all the other work we enjoy doing in the community.

We want to thank Paul Massey, owner of Tim Hortons for the free coffee and Timbits.  Thanks also to Paul for drawing the winning ticket for the bird house draw. 

Paul Massey

The winner of the bird house, created by Steve Storms, was Katy Harrington.

Katy Harrington







Thanks to our friends and fellow gardeners, Trenton Horticultural Society for the plant donations.

Thanks also to Murray Lupenette and his staff at Metro for letting us use the parking lot.

Tim Bucknell of Rambling Rose Nursery in Bloomfield for the gorgeous roses.

Vicki Emlaw of  Vicki’s Veggies for the heritage tomato seedlings.

And Betty Lloyd for the ZZ plant, the clivia and the succulents.

We’ll see all of you next year!



Applications for this year’s Children’s Garden Award are now closed.

2022 is The Year of the Garden.

For more information, click here: The Year of the Garden

Welcome to the website of the Prince Edward County Master Gardeners.  On this page we’ll post news items and updates.  As always, if you have a question, write to us, just click on the Contact Us button at the top.

As we navigate these trying times, take heart, in late February, you can start some seeds!

You can find some helpful articles on our website under Articles, Tips and Resources.  See “Starting Seeds and Maintenance”

Starting Seeds Indoors

  Maybe this is the year, you will plant a vegetable garden, or put in some beautiful flowers.


A garden can bring so much joy into your life, why not give it a try this year?

And if you need any help, just click on the contact button at the top, and we’ll help you all along the way.






We are delighted to be invited to 99.3 County FM to discuss various gardening topics. 

You can tune in to The Grapevine at noon on Thursdays, every couple of weeks, we’ll be on The County Grows.

You can listen here:

If you missed any of the gardening talks, you can listen to them here:



There is a new updated “Grow Me Instead”   booklet from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council.

You can download a copy here:   Grow Me Instead -Southern Ontario 2020