99.3 County FM Radio Talks

We are very pleased to be asked to give radio talks on gardening topics and we want to thank Kristen and JJ for including us in The Grapevine.  Here’s a list of Master Gardener talks on 99.3 FM that were  broadcast at noon on Thursdays as part of The County Grows:


In case you missed any of our talks on The Grapevine here are the audio files:

On December 23 – Cathy Thomson talked about how to care for Christmas plants:

On December 9 – Katie Middleton talked about Forcing Bulbs:


On November 11 – Quentin Wyne gave some tips for keeping houseplants healthy in winter:


On November 4th – June Crocco gave some advice on Landscape Design:


On October 7 – Ren Duinker talked about Leaving Your Garden Messy This Fall:


On September 23 – Two of our young gardeners, Calum and Abbigail, talked to Krista about the gardens they grew for the Children’s Garden Award this year.


On September 9 – Katie Middleton talked about Collecting and Saving Seeds


On August 26 – Aleksa Kaye told us about Protecting yourself from Ticks and other Critters in Your Garden


On August 12 – Susan Warrack talked about pests and diseases in the vegetable garden:


On July 29 – Margot Rivers gave a talk about tomato pests and how to protect against them.


On July 22 – Gail Walker talked about Feeding Your Plants by Feeding Your Soil:


On July 1 – Colette McKinnon gave some advice on how to identify plants:


On June 24 – Cathy Thompson talked about Japanese Beetles:


On June 3 – Andie Wiens  talked about Worms and the Soil Web:


On May 29 – Lee Scott talked about Planting a Roadside Ditch Garden:


On May 6 Susan Warrack talked about Veggies for Salads that can be Grown in Small Spaces


On April 29 – Margot Rivers explained  how to Start a Vegetable Garden – What you Need to Know


On April 8th, Kim Beaugrand discussed Growing a Garden for Food Stability:


On April 1st Michael Rose McCall explained Spring Pruning:


On March 11th, Aleksa Kaye talked about the Physical & Mental Benefits of Gardening, here’s the recording:


On February 25th, Gail Walker talked with Krista Hepburn about Creating Winter Interest in your Garden, listen here:


On February 4th, Sarah McParland gave some great advice on starting seeds, here’s the discussion:


On January 21st, Master Gardener Cathy Thompson discussed seed catalogues, your can listen to it here:


On January 7th Ren Duinker discussed what Master Gardeners do and how you can become one: