Children’s Garden Award 2021


We were amazed at the gardens you created!  We had a great summer visiting gardens and listening to the kids tell us about their plants.  We got to see harvests of tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peas, eggplant, carrots and so many other vegetables!  We were also treated to beautiful nasturtiums, marigolds and giant sunflowers!

It was a very difficult decision, but we have picked the winners and we’ll be celebrating all of these young gardeners in early October.  We’ll be announcing the winners soon and we’ll post photos of the awards ceremony.  Stay tuned.




Prince Edward County Master Gardeners

are pleased to announce that we are resuming our annual

Children’s Garden Award

Grow your own garden and enter the competition


Deadline for entries is: April 30th, 2021.

The competition is open to children between the ages of 6 and 12. There will be a Junior (6-9 years) and Senior (10-12 years) category, with prizes in each.

Each applicant must plant a garden on their own and keep a journal.  You can write your journal by hand or electronically.

You can plant whatever you like: vegetables, flowers, herbs or any combination.  You can plant from seeds or buy plants, but you must do the work yourself.

You can plant your garden anywhere in The County: in your own backyard, at another family member or neighbour’s  garden plot, in raised beds, in containers, or a community garden plot.

We’ll be asking parents to send in photos of their children’s garden and journal and we’ll be keeping in touch by phone or email.

First Prize $100

Second Prize $50

Third Prize $25 

(for each age group with a plaque to keep) 

There will be an overall winner whose name will be engraved on the CGA trophy.





Kensey with trophy

Here’s How It Works:

The child must:

★ Plant and maintain a garden themselves. They can seek advice, but they must do the work.

★ Keep a careful journal about the garden, including plant names, gardening tasks and any other observations made throughout the growing season. (written or drawings).

What to plant: vegetables, flowers or herbs or any combination. These can be started from seeds or seedlings.

Size of garden: any size (we suggest 10’X10′).

Where to plant: wherever there is a space available in The County for example: your backyard, or any other space you have access to such as a neighbours/friends’ yard, or an allotment /community garden.

Here are a few photos of children’s gardens and journals from previous years:



Master Gardeners will monitor contestants progress, either in person or by phone.

If possible, we will visit the contestants garden twice during the summer (early summer then September). We will take photos look at the contestant’s journal and ask questions about their garden.

All COVID protocols will be followed and we will adjust as required.

If in-person visits are not possible, we will ask parents to send in photos of the garden and of the journal.

We will also chat with the contestants on the phone.

Here’s an information brochure for parents: CGA Tri-fold brochure 2021


Do you know a child who loves to garden?
Why not encourage them to enter?

Deadline for entries is: April 30th, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us at   0r call Barbra at 613-476-0220.

We can’t wait to see your gardens!