Children’s Garden Award 2023


The Children’s Garden Award  2023

The 2023 Winners

Left to Right: Mercy Norris, Hendrik Kuijpers, Abbigail Wemyss, Bentley Shantz, Zoe Kulas, Marcella Jaskulski


The Overall Winner: Abbigail Wemyss




Congratulations to all our young gardeners, see you next year!

Kids Garden Contest 2022 Winners

On Saturday, October 1st we all gathered at Hagerman’s Farm to celebrate the amazing gardens created by this year’s young gardeners.  Jodi Hagerman presented the prizes and Hagerman’s took all the kids for a wagon ride around the farm after the ceremony.  All the participants received certificates and we were amazed at the gardens they created. Congratulations to all the young gardeners!


This year’s winners are:

Left to Right: Josephine Jaskulski, Abbigail Wemyss, Simon Hill, Oliver Hill, Adelaide Voskamp and Mabel Ray’s sister, Sawyer Richens accepting the trophy.



First Prize $100
Mabel Ray Richens 12

Second Prize $50
Simon Hill 10
Oliver Hill 10

Third prize $25.00
Adelaide Voskamp 10


First prize $100.00
Payden Guernsey 9

Second prize $50.00
Abbigail Wemyss 8

Third Prize $25
Josephine Jaskulski 8



The Grand prize winner was Mabel Ray Richens.  Here’s what Colette McKinnon, CGA Chair 2022, had to say about Mabel Ray’s garden: “Mabel Ray’s reaction to gardening encapsulates a spirit of wonder that we would like to foster in everyone. She was blown away that a seed turns into something wonderful. She was meticulous in her gardening practice and journal keeping. For example, she identified the orb spider as beneficial in her garden and explained why. She also made a table of tips and tricks, explaining the role of straw mulch and compost. She noted Love (attention, care and patience) was fundamental to her success”. 

Congratulations Mabel Ray!

Photo: Cat Richens, Mabel Ray’s very proud Mother.

PEC Master Gardeners would like to thank Hagerman’s Farms for hosting our event and the wagon ride. Jodi Hagerman for presenting the awards, Lockyer’s Country Gardens for the gift certificates, Chef David Evans of Gordon Food Service for the delicious cake.  THANK YOU.


The Children’s Garden Award Committee for 2022, they did a great job!


Left to Right: Dianne McDonald, (our host) Jodi Hagerman, (Chair) Colette McKinnon, Susan Warrack, Andie Wiens Missing from Photo, Pam Piercy.

See you all next year.