Children’s Garden Award 2022


Kids Garden Contest 2022

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Applications are now closed.

Good luck to all this year’s gardeners!

Join us in celebrating and create a garden.  The PEC Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the annual Children’s Garden Awards.

The contest is open to all children (6-12 years of age) who have access to a garden in the County.

Prizes: will be awarded in the following categories: 

Junior – 6-9 years old

Senior – 10 -12 years old

For each age group there will be prizes:

First Place – $100 cash

Second place – $50 cash

Third place – $25 cash

An Overall winner will be selected and their name engraved on the Children’s Garden Award trophy. All prizes include a plaque to keep. All contestants will receive a participation certificate and a token gift.

Why create a garden?

Gardening encourages

  • Engagement  with the natural world

Opportunity to learn about how to grow food /herbs/flowers

It requires patience, responsibility and organization and the results of a gardeners efforts can lead to a feeling of accomplishment.


Here’s how the contest works:

Contestants must

  • Plant and maintain a garden themselves. They can seek advice, but they must do the work.
  • Keep a careful journal (provided) about the garden, including plant names, gardening tasks and any other observations made throughout the growing season (written or illustrated). 

What to plant: vegetables, flowers or herbs or any combination. These can be started from seeds or seedlings.

Size of garden:  any size (we suggest 4’X4’).

Where to plant: wherever there is a space available in The County.  For example: your backyard, or any other space you have access to such as a neighbours/friends yard, or an allotment /community garden.

Master Gardeners will monitor contestants’ progress and answer gardening questions.  All arrangements will be made in consultation with parents/guardians. We plan to visit the contestants garden twice during the summer (early summer, then September). We will take photos, look at the contestants’ journals and ask questions about their garden.

All current COVID protocols will be followed and we will adjust as required.

Application deadline:  April 30th, 2022 after which we will contact all parents/ guardians to obtain consent for their children to participate and provide a journal. To register please complete our application form.

Awards will be presented in October. More information regarding the award ceremony will be provided nearer the time.

Prince Edward County Master Gardeners will be available to help any participant who needs it.

If you have a question,  Contact Us!

There is also lots of advice here on our website.

Here’s an information brochure for parents: CGA 2022 Brochure

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your gardens.