TROWEL TALK -Lanark & Ottawa MG

PEC Master Gardeners gratefully acknowledge the kindness and generosity of Lanark and Ottawa Master Gardeners for sharing their newsletters with us.


Jade plant, Invasive plants, Valentine’s day gift, Microgreens  Trowel Talk – January 2021

Aloe, Clivia, Ajuga, winter garden for birds  Trowel Talk – February 2021

Sorrel, Weeds, Sage or Savory, Bloodroot, Amur Maple  Trowel Talk – March 2021

Earth day, Rhubarb, Clematis, Spring edimentals, Creeping Jenny  Trowel Talk – April 2021

Lily of the valley, vegetables in containers, Asparagus, Hepaticas, Wood poppy, Yellow archangel  Trowel Talk – May 2021

Rose pests, Water Wise Gardening, Book review, Buckthorn, Ditch Lily  Trowel Talk – June 2021

Successive planting, Harvesting garlic, Solving questions, Pollinator tips, English ivy  Trowel Talk- July 2021

Daylilies, Pesticide Ban, Ginger, Nasturiums, Periwinkle  Trowel Talk – August 2021

Trowel Talk-October 2020

  • Garden Magic: Planting bulbs with kids
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Who Let The Moths Out
  • Goldenrods
  • Fallen Leaves: Some Collective Wisdom

Trowel Talk September 2020

  • Drying Hydrangeas
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Naturalizing With Native Grasses
  • Dividing Daylilies
  • Invasive Plant Profile: Creeping bellflower
  • Abundant Lemon Verbena

Trowel Talk August 15, 2020

  • A Kale for everyone1
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Fruit bushes in an Urban Setting
  • Native Plant profile: Spotted Joe Pye Weed
  • From the Garden
  • Book Review: The New Canadian Garden
  • My Favourite Beets
  • Meadowscaping
  • The Arrival of Japanese Beetles
  • Herb Containers: Fragrance Plus Flavour

Trowel Talk June 2020:

  • Calendula
  • Garden Safety
  • Planting to preserve and beautify your shoreline
  • Garden Mint
  • Onions Galore!

Trowel Talk May 2020:

  • Growing Food to Share
  • Ask a Master Gardener (Annabelle hydrangeas)
  • My Favourite Radishes
  • Who Put the “Zinn” in the Zinnias?
  • Native Plant Profile: Vernonia

Trowel Talk May 15, 2020

Trowel Talk April 2020:

  • Ask a Master Gardener – Thinning vegetable seedlings
  • Planting Tomatoes to Prevent Problems
  • Grow a Pizza Garden for Children
  • Native Plant Profile: False Blue Indigo

Trowel Talk March 2020:

  • Gingko
  • Dormant Oil