TROWEL TALK -Lanark & Ottawa MG

PEC Master Gardeners gratefully acknowledge the kindness and generosity of Lanark and Ottawa Master Gardeners for sharing their newsletters with us.

Trowel Talk-October 2020

  • Garden Magic: Planting bulbs with kids
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Who Let The Moths Out
  • Goldenrods
  • Fallen Leaves: Some Collective Wisdom

Trowel Talk September 2020

  • Drying Hydrangeas
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Naturalizing With Native Grasses
  • Dividing Daylilies
  • Invasive Plant Profile: Creeping bellflower
  • Abundant Lemon Verbena

Trowel Talk August 15, 2020

  • A Kale for everyone1
  • Ask a Master Gardener
  • Fruit bushes in an Urban Setting
  • Native Plant profile: Spotted Joe Pye Weed
  • From the Garden
  • Book Review: The New Canadian Garden
  • My Favourite Beets
  • Meadowscaping
  • The Arrival of Japanese Beetles
  • Herb Containers: Fragrance Plus Flavour

Trowel Talk June 2020:

  • Calendula
  • Garden Safety
  • Planting to preserve and beautify your shoreline
  • Garden Mint
  • Onions Galore!

Trowel Talk May 2020:

  • Growing Food to Share
  • Ask a Master Gardener (Annabelle hydrangeas)
  • My Favourite Radishes
  • Who Put the “Zinn” in the Zinnias?
  • Native Plant Profile: Vernonia

Trowel Talk May 15, 2020

Trowel Talk April 2020:

  • Ask a Master Gardener – Thinning vegetable seedlings
  • Planting Tomatoes to Prevent Problems
  • Grow a Pizza Garden for Children
  • Native Plant Profile: False Blue Indigo

Trowel Talk March 2020:

  • Gingko
  • Dormant Oil