Root System Drawings

Bindweed with 7 foot root. Prof. Dr. Lore Kutschera. (1917-2008) 

This collection stores 1000 drawings, the outcome of 40 years of root system excavations and drawings executed in Europe, predominantly Austria. The drawings, their analysis and description were executed by the Pflanzensoziologisches Institut, Klagenfurt, led by Prof. Dr. Lore Kutschera. (1917-2008)  Wikipedia.

I’ve always wondered why Bindweed is so difficult to eradicate –  I realize, seeing Dr. Kutschera’s drawing, the roots of the Bindweed plant (Convolvulus arvensisare) are more than 7 feet deep!

Here’s the link: Root System Drawings

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We wish to thank Wageningen University  & Research for granting us permission to include this valuable and fascinating resource to our website.