Watershed Program

Natural Edge Program

In partnership with Quinte Conservation, Watersheds Canada invites waterfront property owners with open shoreline who are within the Quinte Watershed to take part in the Natural Edge Program. This program applies to lakes, rivers and streams within the Salmon and Napanee Watershed regions (as well as the Moira and Prince Edward County Watersheds).

This is a great opportunity because the program helps waterfront property owners naturalize their shoreline by offering a full-service restoration program, which includes a free (confidential) site visit, creation of a shoreline planting plan, and the ordering, delivering, and planting of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

You can keep your lovely view of the water. A well planned shoreline planting can offer open access to the water, with low growing wildflowers and small shrubs for maintaining views, and larger trees and shrubs to the edges at property boundaries.

In addition, funding is provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, therefore landowners only have to pay 25% of the total project cost. This cost will vary depending on the size of the property.

Why Naturalize Your Shoreline?

A natural shoreline provides many benefits as it:

– is important habitat for over 90% of aquatic wildlife

– improves water quality through the filtration of water runoff

– stabilizes soil

– regulates water temperatures

See attached brochure. If you are interested in learning more or connecting with project staff for a confidential free site visit, contact us at naturaledge@watersheds.ca or 613-264-1244.

Natural Edge Brochure Shoreline Program 2019

Or, for information, contact Susan Moore, Friends of Salmon River, at susan@moorepartners.ca  or 613-379-5958.


Watershed Canada – Natural Edge Program


Natural Edge is accepting bookings for site visits for early April to complete plantings in May.